viernes, 24 de junio de 2011 Bhakti Vikasa Swami: The demons are the scientists


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  1. H.G. Sankarshan das Adhikari, USA: Friday 24 June 2011--Most Fortunate Messenger--and--Who Can Be Addressed as Maharaja?
  2. ISKCON Toronto, Canada: Kirtan Mela 2011 Germany!
  3. Kurma dasa, AU: Welcome Home Dwaipayana
  4. Akrura das, Gita Coaching: PERU
  5. Rupa Madhurya das, TX, USA: Lecture - Giriraj Swami - SB 10.3.18 - We do not Reject the Body
  6. Kurma dasa, AU: Pie Ahhhhh Squared - Here's One I Baked Earlier
  7. Ekendra das, Alachua, USA: Call Me The Breeze
  8. Bhakti Vikasa Swami: The demons are the scientists
  9. David Haslam, UK: loneliness, putting IT to use
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  11. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  12. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  13. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  14. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  15. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  16. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  17. Srila Prabhupada's Letters
  18. New Vrndavan, USA: Palace Nectar
  19. Bhakti Lata, Alachua, USA: The Essence of Marriage
  20. Matsyavatara das (ACBSP), Italy: The role of will power for the harmonization and development of Personality, determination and perseverance (2/2). By Matsyavatara das (Marco Ferrini)
  21. H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Tuesday, June 21st, 2011
  22. Devadeva Mirel, Alachua, USA: Review : Universe Trading Co.
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H.G. Sankarshan das Adhikari, USA: Friday 24 June 2011--Most Fortunate Messenger--and--Who Can Be Addressed as Maharaja?

bb A daily broadcast of the Ultimate Self Realization Course Friday 24 June 2011 The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna, and His eternal consort, Srimati Radharani are enjoying transcendental pastimes in the topmost planet of the spiritual world, Sri Goloka Vrindavan. They are beckoning us to rejoin them. (Click on photo to see a larger image.) Our Mission: To help everyone awaken their original Krishna consciousness, which is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. Such a global awakening will, in one stroke, solve all the problems of the world society bringing in a new era of unprecedented peace and prosperity for all. May that day, which the world so desperately needs, come very soon. We request you to participate in this mission by reviving your dormant Krishna consciousness and assisting us in spreading this science all over the world. Dedicated with love to ISKCON Founder-Acharya: His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, our beloved spiritual master, and to you, our dear readers. Today's Thought: Most Fortunate Messenger Uploaded from the Hong Kong Airport I am unlimitedly fortunate to be a part of the Krishna consciousness movement because it is bestowing the greatest benediction of pure love of Godhead upon the suffering humanity. Somehow or other, in spite of my innumerable disqualifications, by the mercy of His Holiness Vishnujana Swami and His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, I have been blessed with the most sublime opportunity to serve as a messenger of the Supreme Absolute Personality of Godhead Lord Sri Krishna in His mission of reclaiming His lost children, who are presently entrapped in the cycle of birth and death, for delivering them back to His eternal, all blissful abode, the Vaikuntha world. My heart overflows with joy to be engaged in this way, and I fervently pray that everyone throughout the entire world can be awakened as soon as possible to their actual identities as eternal spirit-soul servants of the all-merciful Supreme Lord so that they can also happily swim in this sublime ocean of Krishna consciousness. Sankarshan Das Adhikari Answers According to the Vedic Version: Question: Who Can Be Addressed as Maharaja? I have a doubt regarding the definition of the title Maharaja. Who can be a Maharaja? Does it apply to a married person or an unmarried person who took sannyasa directly skipping the grihastha ashram? Please clarify this. thank you you r servant A. Praveen Achary. Answer: Kings and Those With Sense Control Maharaja means king. From Srila Prabhupada's purport to Srimad Bhagavatam 4.30.45 we learn that just as the king controls and rules over his subjects in various ways, similarly, advanced devotees maintain control and rule over their senses and can thus also be addressed as Maharaja or king. This is why sannyasis are sometimes addressed as Maharaja and also why disciples sometimes address their spiritual master as Guru Maharaja. It was also pointed out by Srila Prabhupada in a room conversation on 16 July 1968 in Montreal that a brahmana is also respectfully addressed as Pandita Maharaja. So it is very clear from Srila Prabhupada's teachings that the Maharaja title is not the exclusive property of sannyasis. It can also be applied to kings, gurus, and brahmanas. It applies to anyone who is either a monarch or who has complete control over his senses. Sankarshan Das Adhikari Transcendental Resources: Receive the Special Blessings of Krishna Now you too can render the greatest service to the suffering humanity and attract the all-auspicious blessings of Lord Sri Krishna upon yourself and your family by assisting our mission. Lectures and Kirtans in Audio and Video: Link to High Definition Videos Link to Over 1,000 Lecture Audios Lecture-Travel Schedule for 2011 Have Questions or Need Further Guidance? Check out the resources at: or write Sankarshan Das Adhikari at: Get your copy today of the world's greatest self-realization guide book, Bhagavad-gita As It Is available at: Know someone who could benefit from this? Forward it to them. Searchable archives of all of course material: Receive Thought for the Day as an RSS feed: Unsubscribe or change your email address Follow us on Twitter: Sankarshan Das Adhikari on Facebook: Thought for the Day on Facebook: Copyright 2005-2011 by Ultimate Self Realization.Com Distribution of this material is encouraged. Simply we request you to acknowledge where it is coming from with a link to our sign up page: Our records indicate that at requested to be enrolled to receive e-mails from the Ultimate Self Realization Course at: This request was made on: From the following IP address:

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ISKCON Toronto, Canada: Kirtan Mela 2011 Germany!

Inspired by HH Sacinandana Swami, devotees in Germany are extending a warm welcome to devotees around the world to join the first and biggest international kirtan event ever!

Kirtan Mela 2011 will feature six days of unforgettable kirtan with 12 hours of kirtan every single day featuring spiritual leaders, kirtaniyas and thousands of devotees from all over the world!

Please register at:
Join us on Facebook:
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Kurma dasa, AU: Welcome Home Dwaipayana


I just saw my dear friend Dwaipayana for the first time since his horrendous bike accident three months ago. This photo was taken at Yaso's funeral. It was his first day out of hospital, and boy was he happy to see everyone. It looks like he'll be allowed to go home next week, all going well.

He even got to play his guitar and sing one of Yaso's favourite Mahamantra melodies in the funeral service.

Multiple breaks in his legs and steel plates and pins later, as soon as he can support his own weight, Dwaips is a free man. Well, as free as you can be in this world. There's months of physiotherapy to go, but anything's better than a hospital bed.

As his brother Tim commented (Tim teaches Ayurvedic cooking and plied his brother with nourishing food in hospital) 'Dwaips looks better than most visitors that come to the hospital, what to speak of the doctors and nurses as well'. Good to have you back with us Dwaips.

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Akrura das, Gita Coaching: PERU

I am in Peru.

We just had a 3-day Gita Coaching Devotee Care Course.

The number of devotees that attended is beyond my expectations.

As a follow up, we have many personal coaching sessions to help devotees succeed.

Here is a wonderful opportunity to develop Devotee Care and Guidance programs.

And devotees are interested.

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Rupa Madhurya das, TX, USA: Lecture - Giriraj Swami - SB 10.3.18 - We do not Reject the Body

Lecture on Srimad Bhagavatam, Canto 10, Chapter 3, Text 18, titled "We do not Reject the Body" given by Giriraj Swami.

Dallas, TX


One who considers his visible body, which is a product of the three modes of nature, to be independent of the soul is unaware of the basis of existence, and therefore he is a rascal. Those who are learned have rejected his conclusion because one can understand through full discussion that with no basis in soul, the visible body and senses would be insubstantial. Nonetheless, although his conclusion has been rejected, a foolish person considers it a reality.


Without the basic principle of soul, the body cannot be produced. So-called scientists have tried in many ways to produce a living body in their chemical laboratories, but no one has been able to do it because unless the spirit soul is present, a body cannot be prepared from material elements. Since scientists are now enamored of theories about the chemical composition of the body, we have challenged many scientists to make even a small egg. The chemicals in eggs can be found very easily. There is a white substance and a yellow substance, covered by a shell, and modern scientists should very easily be able to duplicate all this. But even if they were to prepare such an egg and put it in an incubator, this man-made chemical egg would not produce a chicken. The soul must be added because there is no question of a chemical combination for life. Those who think that life can exist without the soul have therefore been described here as abudhah, foolish rascals.

Again, there are those who reject the body, regarding it as insubstantial. They are of the same category of fools. One can neither reject the body nor accept it as substantial. The substance is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and both the body and the soul are energies of the Supreme Godhead, as described by the Lord Himself in Bhagavad-gita (7.4-5):

"Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego -- all together these eight comprise My separated material energies. But besides this inferior nature, O mighty-armed Arjuna, there is a superior energy of Mine, which consists of all living entities who are struggling with material nature and are sustaining the universe."

The body, therefore, has a relationship with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, just as the soul does. Since both of them are energies of the Lord, neither of them is false, because they come from the reality. One who does not know this secret of life is described as abudhah. According to the Vedic injunctions, aitadatmyam idam sarvam, sarvam khalv idam brahma: everything is the Supreme Brahman. Therefore, both the body and the soul are Brahman, since matter and spirit emanate from Brahman.

Not knowing the conclusions of the Vedas, some people accept the material nature as substance, and others accept the spirit soul as substance, but actually Brahman is the substance. Brahman is the cause of all causes. The ingredients and the immediate cause of this manifested material world are Brahman, and we cannot make the ingredients of this world independent of Brahman. Furthermore, since the ingredients and the immediate cause of this material manifestation are Brahman, both of them are truth, satya; there is no validity to the expression brahma satyam jagan mithya. The world is not false.

Jnanis reject this world, and foolish persons accept this world as reality, and in this way they are both misguided. Although the body is not as important as the soul, we cannot say that it is false. Yet the body is temporary, and only foolish, materialistic persons, who do not have full knowledge of the soul, regard the temporary body as reality and engage in decorating this body. Both of these pitfalls -- rejection of the body as false and acceptance of the body as all in all -- can be avoided when one is fully situated in Krishna consciousness. If we regard this world as false, we fall into the category of asuras, who say that this world is unreal, with no foundation and no God in control (asatyam apratishtham te jagad ahur anisvaram). As described in the Sixteenth Chapter of Bhagavad-gita, this is the conclusion of demons.


Download: 2011-03-12 - Giriraj Swami - SB 10.3.18 - We do not Reject the Body.mp3
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Kurma dasa, AU: Pie Ahhhhh Squared - Here's One I Baked Earlier

blueberry means pie:

Last week was a prodigious one in the kitchen. I became inspired to keep my blogging life alive, and in the process I decided to photograph most of what I cooked, and share it with you. Obviously that doesn't include toast, though I must say there have been some spectacular toasties...but I digress.

I was in 'pie mode' last week, and as I made room in my freezer for that gigantic batch of panir cheese I found a ziplock bag of homemade pie pastry from a previous baking expedition. It seemed like just enough for another pie!

Glancing at my kitchen table I noted the large bowl of cooking apples, and then I suddenly remembered that jar of blueberry jam that I had cooked for a bit too long and which had turned to a very firm jelly. Blueberries seem like they contain a lot of pectin. I had left a batch, made from only 150g fresh blueberries, on the stove too long, and when I let it cool, I noticed it had stiffened. I had only added a small amount of sugar, so it had not caramelised, and the flavour was wonderful. So there was our pie sorted - apple and blueberry.

roll out your pastry:

I let the frozen pie pastry thaw out, then I rolled it and filled a pie tin that had a removable base. Some leftover pastry was rolled and sliced into strips for a lattice top.

prebake the pastry:

I had prewarmed the oven; now for a full pre-baking of the crust. I find that essential for a pie that's baked properly, top and bottom. No need for baking blind or anything too fancy. I knew the pastry was a fairly rich dense one, and that it wouldn't rise.

stew your apples:

While the pastry was baking I peeled and cut the apples into large pieces, added a little water and stewed them on high heat.

add raisins:

I added a handful of giant golden raisins - I tracked down a small package in my pantry. These are the variety from Chile - long, golden, almost see-through, and sweet like confectionery. A fine partner for apples.

add blueberry conserve:

The apples are done - still a few chunky bits, as I wanted. Off the heat. Time to add the blueberry conserve - the whole jar. I'm not adding any other sugar to the pie filling.

just add vanilla:

A flash of inspiration! Some pure vanilla extract. Who can resist? Not me. I had originally thought of adding cinnamon, but vanilla and blueberries are made for each other. The mixture is slightly moist, so I reach for a tiny bag of homemade white breadcrumbs from the freezer. I add those to the mixture, and now the texture is perfect. I have found breadcrumbs to be more unobtrusive as a thickener than, say, cornstarch.

it's ready to bake:

The pie crust is done, so the filling is spooned in, and the latticework - a bit rustic - is added. Ready to bake! The base is fully cooked so all we have to do is make sure the lattice is nicely browned. I add a good sprinkling of raw sugar on top of the pie for some extra caramel sweetness.

pie aaaarghhh squared:

And there it is. I'd offer you a slice, but alas, it has gone the way of all good pies - to pie heaven.

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Ekendra das, Alachua, USA: Call Me The Breeze

My wife is a confident, relaxed driver. She’s been driving since she was fifteen, which is I’m Not Going To Tell You How Many years. Her first car was a Camaro, a racecar, whereas mine was a ’63 Chevy Bel-air, an aircraft carrier.

I drive more and more like an old lady. Especially when the roads I’m driving on aren’t the straight, flat, divided highways I’m used to in Florida. I’ve had episodes on hills, bridges, and tunnels when I think I’m really going to lose it, come totally unhinged, and wreck the car.

And when my wife takes the wheel? Forget it. I become a dangerously Nervous Nelly, the worst backseat driver ever. If I don’t close my eyes tightly, I become my wife’s worst enemy. If I gave voice to every twinge of nerves, my side of the conversation might sound something like this:

Look out! Oh my God. OH my GOD! Watch where you’re going. Watch where you’re going! Do you HAVE to fidget so much? Stop LOOKING OUT THE SIDE WINDOW! DON’T TELL ME HOW BEAUTIFUL THE SUNSET IS!

And so on, and so on.

My body/mind type is Vata, which means ruled by air. My wife’s new theme song for me is “Call Me the Breeze” by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I’ve moved thirty-eight times during my forty-four year life. I leave projects in half-completed condition, like a cyclone. I look at my condition this way: when you hang wet cloth on the line, it’s usually heavy enough to stay there. But the cloth dries, there’s every chance of it blowing away. I’m the same way when it comes to carbs.

We just drove from St. Augustine to New Vrindavan, West Virginia, for a 24-hour kirtan festival, where we were scheduled to participate.

The last leg of our trip took us alongside the eastern bank of the Ohio River in West Virginia, as the sun was setting over the western hills. On this stretch of the river are factories, nuclear power plants, and all other manner of gigantic industrial enterprise. I remember one smokestack that looked as tall as a mountain itself. I mean it was ginormous.

The relative comfort of the divided highway was behind us. It was all two-lane traffic from here on out. I was consuming Pure Bliss brand Pretty Good Stuff (our latest favorite addictive snack food) in an attempt to not completely blow away. Every time a car approached in the oncoming lane, I closed my eyes, thinking, “here it comes. This is it. better get ready for it, and make my peace with the world.” I could feel myself break out in a sweat every time a pair of headlights came into view. I felt certain that a deadly combination of slight inattention from my way-too-sightseeing wife would coincide with a slight bend in the road and send us directly into a head-on collision.

I’m telling you, I was suffering. And it was all in my head. As soon as we arrived, everything was OK. Actually everything was OK the whole time.

What do you think? Should I give up driving? Or is there a miracle cure-all for nervous wrecks?

Email to a friend Bhakti Vikasa Swami: The demons are the scientists

There was one boy named Asurakulanasana. Srila Prabhupada said, "Do you know the meaning of your name?" And he said, "It means the killer of the descendants of the demons." And he said to Asurakulanasana, "Do you know who the demons are?" Asurakulanasana said, "Uh, the karmis?" and everybody was laughing. Srila Prabhupada raised his eyebrows and looked around and said, "The demons are the scientists."

>>> Ref. VedaBase => June 1975: LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Arrival at temple, Conversations, Translation, Walks, Morning program

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David Haslam, UK: loneliness, putting IT to use

At no other moment in history have we been able to keep in touch with each other almost instantly, technology has made it easy to stay in-touch no matter the distance. It’s interesting of note that one of the most densely populated and technologically advanced societies Japan should be the shining light, easier to make [...]

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1966 June 23:
"Sasthi. Today Mike proposed to become a Vaishnava and married with his girl friend. Today while I was about to go to Karl's place, Paul implored me that if required he would go away this loft is mine. I was pleased hear all these from the young boy. So I stopped leaving of this place. Karl took the trouble of bringing back my bags."
Prabhupada Journal :: 1966

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1966 June 23: "So far your dress is concerned, I think you will require several suits for visiting gentlemen here. As a sannyasi I cannot take suits and boots but you are brahmacari so you can accept such gentlemanly dress."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1966

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1966 June 23: "You want to join first then talk with Sripada Maharaja. Do you think that cooperation with me here is not possible? Why this mentality? Is it my private business?"
Prabhupada Letters :: 1966

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1966 June 23: "Take everything as Srila Prabhupada's work. The Gaudiya Math institution has failed. You cannot talk with your Guru Maharaj about cooperation because you are afraid your journey here may be canceled? Do not think in that way."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1966

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1966 June 23: "Do not think for a moment that my interest is different from that of your Guru Maharaja. Cooperate with me in full spirit. We are executing the will of Srila Prabhupada according to our own capacity."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1966

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1968 June 23: "I accepted this renounced order of life in 1958, and since then I am completely devoted to the service of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada. And by the Mercy of His Divine Grace, I have got here many American boys and girls, who are sincerely assisting me."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1968

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1970 June 23: "If somebody is dogmatic and blind follower, then avoid to discuss with them. Better spend that time for enlightening a person who is innocent. Do not enter into the details of New Testament, simply say we agree that God is great."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1970

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Srila Prabhupada's Letters

1971 June 23: "Then we will vacate. That is all right. Then you should pack up and everyone immediately go to Mayapur. We have got some land there and the program is going on. So make plans accordingly."
Prabhupada Letters :: 1971

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New Vrndavan, USA: Palace Nectar

We would like to start writing a series of articles about Prabhupada’s Palace of Gold. Anyone who like to contribute please contact me at

We are looking for current events or memories and stories from the past.

The Palace is a wonderful place where lots of nectar happens and we want to share it with the world.


Krsna Bhava dd

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Bhakti Lata, Alachua, USA: The Essence of Marriage

"A man must be willing to die for his wife." - Radhanath Swami


[With Pitambar Gauranga's and Gokul Vilasini's permission, I have published this story]

I'm at Gokul Vilasini's bridal shower here in Columbus, and all the women's hands are decorated with fragrant henna. My own mehndi is drying on my palms. We go around the room to shower our love upon Gokul with memories that glorify her intense, chaste, and beautiful character.

But the guys keep crashing the party.

Granted, they're the videographers and photographers. But then Pitambar Gauranga himself descends the staircase. As entrance, all of us demand that he convince us why Gokul should marry him. His sincerity touches our hearts, and several eyes tear up.

"Okay, where's the ring?" Dhira Lalita calls out.

"Why?" Pitambar says.

"Look, Pitambar, you're in America now," he teases, "You gotta get down on one knee and pop the question."

How funny - the pair is getting married on Friday! The roomful of women at the party laughs. Many of us scoot forward.

Pitambar produces the wedding ring and sweetly fumbles to get on one knee. Gokul laughs and laughs.

I suppress my giggles. In those suspended moments, I reflect on how only six months ago when I was traveling with Gokul in India, she was single and we often conversed about where our marriage fates would take us.

When Gokul called me in February to let me know of her engagement, I felt effervescent with happiness. I could hear the deep contentment in Gokul's voice. I asked, "Gokul, may I ask you a question?"


"Do you believe that Pitambar would die for you?"

Without hesitation she replied, "Yes, he would die for me."


"Oh yes. I got that sense within the first two weeks, even though he never said it."

So how hilarious that only now is this man getting down on one knee... two days before the wedding! It just goes to show that love goes much deeper than rings and proposals and even formal weddings. I wonder at what that spark is.

"Gokul Vilasini," Pitambar intones, "will you marry me?"

Everyone is grinning in silence. Gokul is still laughing, trying to keep a straight face. "Ummmmmmmm... YES!"

We all cheer and since our palms are covered with mehndi, we try to clap with the backs of our hands. Then Pitambar slips the wedding ring upon her finger.

A little while later, I come close to Gokul to bid goodnight. Our conversation is sober. Gokul says, "You know, Bhakti, I did not get all these facials, my nails done, or get so beautiful today with makeup and this nice salwar for Pitambar."

"Really?" I said.

"Yes, this is not for Pitambar. I feel like I am preparing myself for the beginning of my spiritual life. A life of service to Krishna."

And I realize that that is why Pitambar Gauranga would die for Gokul Vilasini.

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Matsyavatara das (ACBSP), Italy: The role of will power for the harmonization and development of Personality, determination and perseverance (2/2). By Matsyavatara das (Marco Ferrini)

Self-determination and
Perseverance Exercise.

Determination is a state of mind that can be cultivated and developed with a right predisposition. Like all mental states, determination arises from psycho emotional factors and attitudes like:

1. Desire. In the presence of a well defined and intense desire it is easier to develop and maintain determination for the pursuit of the target we aim at.
2. Definition of Purpose. Knowing what a person wants is the first thing, and perhaps the most important one, to develop self-determination. A strong motivation will help to overcome initial and unpredicted difficulties.
3. Self confidence. Trusting our own abilities to achieve a target, will encourage us to follow our program with determination.
4. Program definition. Organized programs, even when they are not well defined and focused, will encourage determination and strengthen perseverance.
5. The accuracy of acknowledgment. Knowing that our projects are based on solid reality and experiences that attain to our evolving nature, will favor determination. “Presumption of Knowledge” opposite to “real knowledge”, will weaken determination.
6. Cooperation. Empathy, tolerance, comprehension, harmonic cooperation among members of a team will strengthen determination for each member or element of the group.
7. Will power and planning capacity. Constant practice of will power and concentration on our thoughts – in a profitable manner – for the definition of a project, with the intention to schedule the targets we aim at, will develop determination.
8. Habit. Determination is the straightforward result of our mental frame, of a habit, of a deliberate performance, of an action used as a constant conscious behavior pattern. Our mental frame is modified in relation to our actions that, even unconsciously will influence the psychological structure with behavior models that are acquired and represented automatically in accordance with the adopted and acquired schemes. Fear, one of the worst and most powerful, destructive emotions, can be cured by the voluntary repetition of acts of courage. All the people that have made this experience know it well enough.
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H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami: Tuesday, June 21st, 2011


Toronto, Ontario

I don't know if you could call him eccentric, but with no intro at all, this guy started talking. Sri Kantha and I were on foot westbound on Marlborough Street as he came towards us going eastbound. He was just two metres from us when he began to speak about some famous pilot from the 2nd World War. Quoting the pilot he said something to this effect, "Life is a place where you learn and death is the place where you burn." Now I admit to possibly misquoting some scramble of words, but the point I'd like to raise is that here was a total stranger that came right up to us and began to philosophize. It was profound enough what he said, perhaps our devotional attire set him off to share the profundity. Personally, I thought it was rather sweet.

On my second trek of the day (it's solo this time), a young Caucasian male whom I never met before came to me at the street light to say, "How are you, Swamiji?" Some quick kindness was exchanged and the lights changed. This type of interactiveness happened once again. A young white bearded fellow approached me to say "Namaste". I asked him about his devotions and how he was doing on this longest day of the year. I gave him an invite to the upcoming Ratha Yatra, hosted by ISKCON. There were more pleasant exchanges like this and I trekked back to the ashram thinking of the warmth and openness I have received from various souls. Unfortunately this type of reception may not exist everywhere on the globe. Upon returning to the ashram I received an email from someone from France, about an attitude that comes from at least one sector of the society there. To repeat her words, "The anti-cult movement is still posting public notices, warning people to watch out for their friends and family members if they use too much incense, are vegetarian, travel too much and don't like everyone else. They could be in a sect where a sinister guru will take advantage of their weakness and innocence... that's France 2011."

God bless France. We were there once.

10 KM

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Devadeva Mirel, Alachua, USA: Review : Universe Trading Co.


Universe Trading Company, specializing in salvage & antiques (raw junk) is tucked away in a back corner behind Savannah's City Market. It's the kind of shop where the floor literally feels like it is going to fall out from underneath you. If you are addicted to hand sanitizer, stay away. There is not enough in production for you to feel comfortable inside this shop. Surprisingly, there was no shop dog to paw you or sniff at your crotch while touring the store.



This monk greeted us upon walking into the store. My kids love junk shops like this where there is lots to look at. I would have also loved shopping at such a place as a kid. But my mom's tastes ran more Saks 5th Avenue.



This wooden chopper was like an overgrown toy model.



He is actually a salt shaker. Just kidding. He's the pepper. Again, kidding.



Look at the miniature adult! The shop had a few paintings done in the style of 18th century children's portaiture. I like it.



Revolutionary? Not sure what century this one is trying to emulate. 19th would be my guess. Any experts out there?


We had lots of fun at Universe Trading. My daughter got a trinket box and I got a very filthy antique milk bottle that I am still trying to clean out. It only cost $2. Squee! There was a lot of uncleaned stuff for very good prices. I kind of appreciated that. There was a fair amount of furniture pieces ready for refinishing and lots of wall art for your theme restaurant. Big fun statues and oooh look at that pieces made it exciting for the kids. Very few dishes. No linens. But lots of good dirty junk to pick through.


Universe Trading Co.

27 Montgomery Street

Savannah, GA 31401


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Manoj, Melbourne, AU: 206. Going Forward with Prabhupad lectures

2 weekends ago, I had the chance once again to attend another farm retreat by His Grace Bhurijan prabhu and His Grace Jagattarini mataji. The lectures were so thrilling and thought provoking. Basically I have no words to describe what I heard and what I feel. Anyways, few days later I had the chance to interact personally with His Grace Bhurijan prabhu. Him sitting on the cream sofa and I sitting on the cool floor, he said, “Please listen to Prabhupad’s lecture…everyday…atleast 1 or 2 lectures….”.

Immediately, my mind raced to the 690 odd lectures that I have on my iPod since 2007 ! Yup. Since 2007. I got this set during my first trip to Sri Vrindhavan dham. I was new to Krishna Consciousness, I was energetic and I was ready to take on the world ! But alas….reading Bhagavatam, listening to Prabhupad lectures, consistent writing all took a back seat as material engagements took centre stage. Not a single lecture I listened.

But this gentle reminder from HG Bhurijan prabhu and watching other devotees around me progress so well has given me the motivation to start listening to each one of Prabhupad’s lecture. And I intend to post a summary & understanding of the lecture as a blog post everyday. Now, I am really excited ! By the way, I am already 5 lectures ahead and only now realized that I am listening to it from backwards..from 1977 and back..going verse by verse backwards ! Oh well…forward or backward, I feel that I am still making progress.


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ISKCON Teacher Needed at Sri Mayapur International School

By Gunacuda Dasi for ISKCON News on 23 Jun 2011

Sri Mayapur International School has a vacancy for a Year 1 teacher starting in August 2011. There are 12 intelligent, well behaved, devotee children in this class aged between 5 and 6 years old.

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ISKCON Yoga Celebrates The Start of Summer in Times Square takeover

By Jill Colvin for on 23 Jun 2011

Several hundred yoga enthusiasts brought some peace and serenity to the bustling plazas of New York`s Times Square Tuesday morning to celebrate the first day of summer.

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Mandakini dd, NC, USA: Zombie Blog

Testing 1...2...3.  Is this thing on?   Stay tuned for a possible blog revival.  In the meantime, enjoy my updated playlist. 

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Bhakta Chris, New York, USA: The Humble Musings Of The Manhattan Monk 6/23/11

There is a tremendous pain within my heart at the presence of my blindness towards my real integrity. This integrity, full with substance, is not cheap; it is not to be abused. This pain reveals a great desire for freedom from this abuse, a yearning to grasp my real integrity. This pain is the key to the door of my heart. I must get over my fears and comforts and walk right through.

I get the real strong feeling that I am standing outside of the place I need to be. That place is full of the pain I need to embrace and transcend; my mother's pain, my esoteric pain at being torn asunder by the misuse of my free will, sending me plummeting away from Your love, embrace, and smile.

I hesitate constantly to enter into this space, taking baby steps, waiting for the push, praying that I don't drown when I enter that cold water.

Fear and pain are what I need to see most clearly, for when I hide by my rotten instinct, I lose access to their cathartic gifts. Just dive in, but keep the anchor set to the love of your friends and brothers, who will pull you up when you need to breathe.

Not a lofty beginning, so tentative
Apple juice, a little wine, hiding behind my mom
During a summer storm
Still the scared little boy despite all the books I've read
It's worse to be lost when you don't even know you're lost
Not too heavy, take the light of your brothers' hearts
Give what you can to heal them and take what they give you.

The momentum of their grace and your gratitude
Will get you on the path before you even know it.

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Mayesvara dasa ACBSP: Invitations to Ojai Rath Festival, "Destroy with the shining lamp of knowledge, the darkness born of ignorance."

Email to a friend Presenters wanted for 10th Annual Vaishnavi Retreat 2011

Malati dasi: As the Retreat enters it’s tenth year, we cordially invite interested Vaishnavi’s to consider sharing their talent and expertise, their wisdom and spiritual knowledge during this special occasion. Topics can be diverse with the under laying criteria being to connect with the teachings of Srila Prabhupada in practice

Email to a friend Sri Sri Radha Gopivallabha’s 40th Anniversary Celebration and Reunion

Yogamaya Dasi: ISKCON Boston is one of a small fraternity of temples that boasts Deities installed by Srila Prabhupada himself! We consider ourselves both fortunate and privileged to have this honor. With the 40th Anniversary of Their installation this year we feel a keen sense of responsibility to make this both a wonderful event for Sri Sri Radha Gopivallabha and an inspiration for Their devotees

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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Class - Gangesvara Prabhu

Srimad Bhagavatam 12.11.9-12 - The initiation of Lord Brahma (tene brahma hrda ya adi-kavaye...).

Email to a friend What do we know?

By Praghosa Dasa

As stated by Bhismadeva in the SB 1.9.16 na hy asya karichid rajan – no one can know the plan of the Lord – still we are all advised to roll with it and have faith in it, understanding at all times that everything is for our ultimate benefit. With that in mind and after decades of hard work and many struggles, we have now begun constructing the extraordinary place of worship that will be the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium. However if we didn’t accept the plan of the Lord not only would this project have likely never got to this point but we would surely also wonder why the Lord indeed chose to appear in rural West Bengal!

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Gouranga TV: Bhajan – Mukunda Datta das – ashray ka pad

Bhajan – Mukunda Datta das – ashray ka pad

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ISKCON Melbourne, AU: Daily Class - Nanda Mandir Prabhu

Bhagvatam Class given on Wednesday, 22nd June 2011

Srimad Bhagavatam 12.11.6-8 - The universal form of the Lord is not transcendental.

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Jahnavi, UK: Frozen in stone.

‘The sense of hearing striketh the spirit more immediately than any other senses.’
–Francis Bacon, English philosopher, scientist, and lawyer.

From a trip today to the National Gallery of Art in DC.

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